A visit from AUTOSTREAM…

More nutjobs come for a visit…

But THIS time, the kooks of AUTOSTREAM came by the shop to see what’s cookin.’ And theses guys? These guys are car insaners!!

Behold, Bill, Adam and Timbo from Autostream.com. What is A.S.???

Just the dangest coolest new site that has bitchin’ shows. (DANG! I said bitchin’ again! Told myself I’d ease up on that word!!)


Da boys from Autostream had a blast as we perused the shop looking at cool cars. We checked out the last remaining Dukes TV car and even sat in the Hangover Mercedes. Autostream is basically the HULU for cars. They create all kinds of neato shows for cars nuts like me to watch. So, whatta ya think we’re doing?

Wups…. too much info. Official Side skirt #276

Anywho, we had a blast and will continue. Thanks for comin’ by gents!

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