Father’s Day @ RIDEMAKERZ… Coolness.

Well, …I thought it might be a bit busier on Father’s Day at RIDEMAKERZ in Downtown Disney… BUT IT WAS TOTALLY OUTTA CONTROL!!!

The line to buy cars carved right outta the store and Chip’s and my signing line went way outta site. It was like a queue line in the park with a 90 minute wait! Wow, it was nuts, but one of the best things for me besides all the great kiddies was… I got to hang out with UNCLE JOE BENSON from KLOS. You know Uncle Joe? You probably listen to him every morning and have for 30 years!! He’s one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.

Wups. Sorry, Joe. My bad. I just revealed that you’ve been talking up a storm on the radio… FOREVER!!! But he’s a huge car guy, so what do you expect? Passion!

In the 5 hours that we signed, I never saw the same kind of car twice. They were all as different as the kidz! But we signed, arms, shoes, shirts and camera flashes too! It was wild! We even brought in our Tattoo Artist, Bryn, for some cool RZ Tatts!

Thanks to all of you who came down and made MY experience something I’ll never forget for Father’s Day. Truly appreciated…

Photos: John Faulkner

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