Everything vibrates.

Wait, let me say that again… EVERYTHING vibrates. Including YOU.

You can feel it. When you’re angry, sad, energized. It’s all the protons and electrons inside you that are whirling. Whirling at different vibratory rates, according to what you’re feeling. And the REALLY interesting part??

As you vibrate, you become “in tune” with similar vibrations outside of you, attracting them to you. Get it? ISN’T THAT COOL!!?? Ok, here’s a simple example…

You’re pissed. Someone cut you off on the highway, screamed that it was your fault and then ran off. You’re mad. Pretty soon, you’re cursing that dood. What an a-hole. Then, somehow, a minute later you’re talking about something completely different, yet in the same negative way. Your Mother-In-Law, you sister, your kook brother, you job, other a-holes, whatever. If you keep along that pattern, that vibration, THOUGHTS will keep coming to you to support it! Why???

You’re telling your subconscious that that’s what you want. And your subconscious does whatever you tell it. Period. So? What do you do? THE CAUSE.

…Put yourself on the right vibratory pattern!

…Think about only that which you want for today.

…Feel how good that feels to actually have those things.

Your VIBRATION will change to that rate. It will emanate out… then, it will bring back MORE THINGS to support that thought and vibration. THE EFFECT. Remember, it’s SCIENCE. It MUST work that way. 1+1 is ALWAYS 2. Think positive, get positive results… ALWAYS. So, why would you do things to hurt yourself? Especially, now that you know the answer?

You wouldn’t. So make the experiment. Just for today. And let THE INFINITE BLOG know what happens…. Watch you world change through more money, better health, better relationships. Watch as you become HAPPY.

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