Fireball gets a visit from Uncle Joe Benson…

You know Uncle Joe, right? I mean, this man’s a legend…

Since the 80’s Uncle Joe Benson has been the #1 Rock n’ Roll Radio DJ here on LA’s KLOS 95.5! He’s personally spoken with virtually every major rockstar on the planet, except for only 5. “C’mon Joe, you gotta be slippin…”

If you listen to 95.5 KLOS daily, you’ll hear Uncle Joe’s awesome deep voice as he lays down the cool Rock n’ Roll lowdown. Now, it takes a serious man to lay down the lowdown. I mean,… what does that even mean?!!! It means that Uncle Joe is “the man” when it comes to Rock n’ Roll. And… he’s a very serious “car guy.”

So, Joe came to the shop and we hung out and perused cool cars. We even got a sound bite from him regarding the top secret “AUTOTRADER CLASSICS REDSTER” Project. It’s a…       …yea, right. Like I’m gonna spill the beans? “Move on, move on, move on” as they say in Blade Runner… I even introduced him to our twin security doods, Oscar and Oscar2. (They didn’t mind that we had our hands on their butts…)

We had a blast having Joe over and will be doing some very cool stuff together. There’s even a possibility he might join me at the Apple Store Event on the 24th. If you want him, shout out…

Thanks so much, Joe!!! LA loves ya!!

Photos: John Faulkner

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