Hollywood is for NUTS…

There’s something wrong with my Dad and I. I can’t explain it, but we seemed to have fallen off the planet into our own little world. And it’s a great world. Full of silliness.

I told him on the phone what I’m doing today, and I realized in the middle of the conversation how strange it was. But he understood every word. Get this…

“I’m heading to the valley to drop off a Skecher’s head to the vacuum former. Making sure that when he pulls it apart, he doesn’t ruin the face like he did last time. Then, off to Ethan’s (my brother) to see Alexa. (My red headed niece) Bringing her a Monster Truck for her Birthday. Then to the shop to check on the build of the REDSTER and discuss the launch of the second Teaser Trailer. (Coming this week).”

Then, to my Dad’s to pick up his Invisible Musical Script and make packets for him. It’s the best Invisible Script he’s ever written. It’s 7:30am and I’m writing this in a Starbucks, which now has FREE WIFI. (Big smile)

Don’t ask me to explain any of that… But, it’s all true. Oh, then I get to go to the bank. I love going to the bank. It’s my favorite place.

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