Bug and Sammy take Fireball to San Francisco…

… and they’re very excited. Can you tell?

I love San Fran. There’s so much to see and do, especially for anyone who’s never been. Kathie’s sister is bringing her 3 kids (They’ve never been) and we’re gonna do up the town from Monday to Friday, autostyle.

Lots of car lovers in SF, so stay tuned for some coolness. If you live in SF and want to hook up, leave me a post or…. I’ll be in the Marina District, near Union. Some awesome coffee places, so if you do want to come hang out, Joe’s on me at THE WARMING HUT by Fort Point near the Presidio. 10am Tuesday. Only, don’t email me at midnight expecting to meet at 6am, yo. Ok, I’ll throw in a Croissant, too.

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