Tour Guidin’ in San Francisco…

Among many things, I’m a tour guide. And that’s cool ’cause I get to go neat places and appreciate the beauty this country has to offer. In this case, San Francisco.

Been up here since Monday and we’ve seen all kindsa great stuff. But I try and do things I’ve never done before instead of just go to Ghiradelli… again. (I will be going there today, though. I mean, it IS chocolate… and chocolate is me.)

But yesterday and today, my Danish buddy Morten and I ran across the Golden Gate Bridge. And that was fun, although he’s really fast! Not something everyone gets to or wants to do, but truly an experience. Then, off to Haight Ashbury where we cornered a classic VETTE.

Like LA, great cars in this town. My wife’s sister Susie and her boys (Jacob, Oliver and Erik) are checkin’ out the sites left and right. Erik had a HUGE Ben and Jerry’s Sundae on Haight Ashbury.

Today it’s Alcatraz. Hope nobody gets stuck out there… But there’s one thing I know. It won’t be me.

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