Fireball GUINEA PIGS up…

Yes, that’s me. The Human Guinea Pig…. thanks to my wife, Kathie.

Other wives do normal things. …Well, close to normal at least. But MY wife is weird. She makes molds, using me as a test subject. BOING!

CASE IN POINT: The Skechers Project. Code Named STANKFOOT.

Now, if you are into cool cartoons, then you’ll love ZEVO3, coming from Skechers Entertainment and NickToons. And since Kathie builds funny looking characters full size, this is where I step in. Over the last 25 years, I’ve been them all. And I mean… ALL of them. I’ll tell you a SECRET at the end of this post… below the photos. But don’t tell anyone else. I mean it!

STANKFOOT is the latest KCL build for Skechers. And he’s gonna be cool. So cool,… ah hem, he’ll have my arms. Literally. Below is how we did it with some final shots to follow in the coming weeks.

Yes, I AM Super Mario.

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