Fireball reviews SALT…

Action, action… oh, and more action!! Only, in all that action, there’s something missing. Let’s see…

Salt is a Russian Spy. No wait. An American from North Korea who’s a Russian Spy, that… kills Russian guys… oh, and American guys… only she never eats, sleeps or goes pee pee. But she DID dye her hair, so that’s good.

Well, despite those teeny little issues, SALT is pretty good. It’s heart pumpin,’ it’s sexy, it’s got cool action sequences full of metal crunching vehicular contraptions that Salt jumps from… check it.

She escapes custody… Jumps on top of a Semi… Leaps to an Oil Tanker… Cartwheels to a Moving truck… Flies off and rips some dood off his motorcycle and hauls ass away from 400 FBI, CIA, NSA, PBS, ABC and Facebook Doods with superior ammo. All this, …in a beanie and backpack.

Oh then! Get this. She single handedly breaks into the White House Bunker eight stories down and beats the crap out of every CIA… I mean Facebook Agent that stupidly walks through the door! Cool!!! That’s AWESOME!!!

Angelina Jolie. She’s my hero. Go see it, ’cause it’s mindless fun and she’s had a blast doing it.

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