One hellish driving day…

As I’ve mentioned many times, my life is weird. But not in a bad way, just unexpected. Case in point… yesterday.

Up at 5:30, …on the road to the shop. Although, no one’s at the shop til 8, so Starbucks it is. I have to leave that early so as to miss LA traffic. Otherwise, I’ll drive for 3 hours to go 20 miles. Anyway…

Meet Steve Carell at Starbucks. No, not ’cause I know him, just because I stood behind him. Then commented on his drink. “Don’t you need something bigger than that?” I said.

His comment back? “Not if it’s placed correctly.” We both laughed and I introduced myself. He likes cars.

Then, off to the shop for a morning meeting with my partner John, buddy Sal and newcomer to the Fireball world, Scott Loyola. Scott is Associate Vice Prez/ Development of City of Hope. Big charity. And we have BIG plans. More on that as it develops.

Then… my son shows up with his beater car. We decipher, with the help of master mechanic Frank, that it needs an new alternator. Ok. Oh, and tires. No wait, and a new electrical system… WAIT! How a about a new car? Well… let’s get the alternator fixed first.

Then… Uncle Joe Benson and his wife Jan showed up for an “inside scoop” on the REDSTER. The dug it. Especially since it’s… NO WAY! YOU AIN’T GETTIN’ NUTTIN OUTTA ME!!

…Although he dug the ECTO 1 more. So we snapped a few, then headed to Jerry’s Deli for a Burg. Uncle Joe is the Redster Emcee, so we discussed the event along with Joe’s personal experiences talking with lame-o small time musicians like…. THE STONES, LED ZEPPELIN, ROD STEWART, STEVE MILLER, VAN HALEN and others that weren’t very good. I mean… can you believe this guy? He’s hung with legends and now? We’re having a burg. That’s Cool.

Then… off to the Vacuum Formers again for our KCL Costume Division. I personally deliver heads. Yes, foam sculpted heads. Why me? ‘Cause no one else wants to drive to Sun Valley in the summer. Hmf. (Arms crossed) But, this is a cool head. Skechers STANKFOOT. Wait ’til you see him.

Then… to by brother’s to drop off a SIPPY CUP. Yes. A Sippy Cup that he left at my house when he came over with my 1 year old niece, Alexa. I have to be pretty confident in my masculinity to say SIPPY CUP 3 times in my blog, no?

Ok, I think I’m done now… Oops. Forgot about going to PlasticMart, Printland, Aaron Bros, Gas and three other places not even near each other… But, what made the trip all worth it?

Cars… and one 300 million dollar yacht sitting out in front of my house when I got home. No, not mine. Some Russian dude trying to compete with Larry Ellis’ Yacht. C’mon… it doesn’t even have cup holders. How lame…o.

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