Accentuate the Positive… and go to Ralphs.

This is my friend, Debrah. We’ve known her for over 25 years. And she… makes people smile.

Every time I go to the store, she hassles me. Hassles me with love, attention, kindness and pure spirit. She calls me “trouble.” Deborah is the kind of person that inspires greatness. No matter what job you have, there are those that stand out… and make a difference.

I write this in hopes that it will inspire you. I write this in hopes that it will make you see that you too, can make difference in the people you meet. Become a smile millionaire like Debrah. And if you’re having a bad day, drive to Malibu and tell her I sent you. She’ll make your day between the Famous Amos and Virgil’s Root Beer snags.

Thanks for showing me where the Boboli Pizza was today, Deborah. And thanks for inspiring us all…


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