Summer Smash was a SMASH!

I do a lot of shows. Tons of shows. Gargantuananomous amount of shows. Ok, not sure that’s a word, but when it comes to Summer Smash 2010 in Rhode Island, that’s gotta be the ONLY word.

Cars, Food, Girls… and well, girls. And guys like girls, so that worked out pretty well. Oh, and there were cars, too. Sweet cars. Big, little, fast, slow, shiny, flat, pimped, pumped and everything in between.

Now for the pimpin…’

Diecast Space Girls arrived in full force. Check ’em out on their all new site. Friend up the fantasamal beauties and create a page.

Joe Kelly broadcast live on CarRoomTV. That was cool, but his show is cooler.

Big Cheeses like Big Lou perused the floor, searching for cool rides and promo’in his Sledster. That’s a bitchin’ ride for sure.

There were screamin’ kids and screamin’ adults. But, at this show, everyone was a kid. Big thanks to Jim Lombari and his crew of REDSHIRTS!! Check it out…

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