To CLUB NOKIA for City of Hope…

Last night, Kathie and I headed into Downtown LA for a very special event. Our friend and business associates Sal Trevino and City of Hope VP Scott Loyola put on a tremendous event to mark the premiere of a new song, encompassing the talents of Placido Domingo, Gloria Estephan, Enrique Inglesias and about 40 other artists. A Latino “We Are The World.”

This song was created to instill awareness for Leukemia patients who do not have access to bone marrow in the Latino community. And in LA, it’s huge. So our Mayor, Antonio Villarigoso and all these talents got together for one night to celebrate the song… And it was cool.

If you can help, check out CITY OF HOPE. If you can’t, then help where you can and enjoy the song when it comes out. For some things, a “Drop of Life” is all you need to make a difference.

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