Fireball spots a Road Weapon…

So Kathie and I headed up the coast for a drive. Take the pooches to the beach… illegally, I might add. We parked next to what seemed to be a rather low-key SS. As I walked past it, thoughts of “customs” ran through my mind.

The owner’s name was Victor. From LA. He and his buddies headed up the coast in this beast, stopping at the shoreline to chill. Now, on first pass, they looked rather intimidating. Tossing rocks, standing next to their charcoal black bruiser. But, the moment I asked Victor what he had under the hood, a sense of pride came over him. He flipped the hood to reveal a hand built 450 horse Road Weapon.

Cars bring people together. And since cars are my life, I guess you could say that I enjoy talking to people about theirs. Now, this was not a clean custom. Nor was it a trashed left-over. This… was RAW MUSCLE. Drop the “look,” drop the extra pounds, black it all out and this beast emerged. Used to be a daily driver, he said, but now he just grabs a few victims and heads north.

Nice job at reeling me in, Victor. And great job on the car.

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