PCH Highway ShutDown…

For some reason, the past few weeks have been hell on PCH in LA. I drive it everyday… and I’m not surprised considering the way people race it. It’s always “This won’t happen to me.”

Well, last night it happened to two people, … again. 3rd one I’ve seen in 2 days. And as I write this this morning, I can hear blazing sirens again passing me. It’s only 7:30am. But last night, we headed back through some serious traffic (over an hour) just to get stopped only a few cars into THIS.

PCH SHUTDOWN. The kind where they won’t allow you to make a u-turn if you’re too far in. So, we sat here until 8pm. 4 Hours.

The most interesting thing was the irritated people. The ones that approached the cops complaining. The ones that past the munched cars and ambulances as the took away the victims to complain that they are having to wait. It made me realize that patience is an art form. You have to choose consciously that this is the deal and you’ll just have to bare the horror of sitting there, while the 6 Police Cars, 2 Ambulances, 2 Paramedics and Engine 70 pull the victims from their cars and take them away. Doing their jobs, so you don’t have to.

I’m so sorry for those that had to wait and endure this horrible waiting period. Maybe next time, THEY CAN GET OFF THEIR BUTTS and help? Just an idea. But that would mean they would experience something that they’d wished they hadn’t.

But here’s an idea! Think about someone other than yourself. Get perspective on life and what you HAVE. Stop whining about what you don’t. And have some sympathy for those that have to endure serious issues. Or sell your car. Ok, rant over.

I purposefully did not show the accident itself, as it was not something worth seeing and I don’t recommend it to those who try and slow down to “get a good look.” You’ll wish you hadn’t.I’ve seen far too many things and experienced even more that I wish I hadn’t. But then again, it has helped me to get perspective.

Be safe so that you can finish that cool ride in your garage!

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