Plotting and Scheming at Disney…

Is that how you spell scheming? Hope so. Otherwise, I’m not saying what I’m trying to say. Maybe Scheming is a town near Boise?

Ok, stay on track Fireball. Let’s go.

Plotting and Scheming at Disney. Downtown Disney, in fact. Been down several times now because my job is to bring fun to you guys. And since I like having fun, I do it a lot. And here I am with Lego Woody after a very exciting meeting. But that’s not all that’s going on.

The REDSTER is leaving for Atlanta on Monday. Big waves in Malibu have caused massive traffic. El Big Happy has been seen traversing the streets in search of victims. Kathie made some home-made chips that almost killed me they were so good and… Peugeot released their cool EX-1 Concept Car. Oh, and Stankfoot has appeared in full life.

All in all, not a bad week so far… CRUZIN’ 4 A CURE THIS WEEKEND!!

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