Monarch Beach Bugatti

Blogger: John Faulkner

Hey! John Faulkner here, Fireball’s partner, and this is my first Blog post. I’ll be posting from time-to-time with the cars and car events I come across, mostly near where I live in Orange County, California. There’s a very active and eclectic Car Culture here with some pretty cool and unique finds.

This 1925 Type 35C Bugatti was at the Monarch Beach Plaza (Dana Point, CA) casual car show, you know the type where you never know who or what will show up. One of 50 built that year. The racing heritage of this model within Bugatti is deep and storied, with it winning the French Grand Prix in 1928 and 1930. This car’s very rare and from what the owner says, very valuable. (They all say that but I pretty much believe him.) But here is the fun part. He drives it around town just like you would in any old Honda or Ford. Next time I see him at Starbuck’s, I’m asking for a ride. Gotta love it!

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