My Dad did it with Marilyn Monroe…

Now, I suppose at first glance you’d say, “What the heck? Your Dad had a thingy with Marilyn?”

And then, …that’s when I’d say… “Well, …kinda.”

My Dad’s been around. In the industry I mean. No, he didn’t go through Starlets like most Producers do these days. No, he didn’t write Transformers 3. But yes, he did do some great movies as an early actor and then wrote some even greater series. Now, at 82, he’s doing a Musical.

But, last night we put on the Robert Mitchum and Marilyn Monroe classis, “River of No Return.” And lo and behold, there was my Pop, gettin’ a shave. Movie was done in 1954, which makes Fireball Pop 25 at the time. Long before he met Fireball Ma.

He was a struggling actor then, floppin’ from role to role and not trying to drown in Hollywood. Then, he shifted to writing and everything took off. Good job Pop. Hope that guy didn’t ruin yer shave? (More on Anthony Lawrence)

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