Car Movies way are in…

Normally, you get two or three good car movies a year. But this is outta control in a way that shows that the Automotive Culture wants serious machinery in action. Um, …that would be you guys. So, that’s what we and the studios are doing to make sure you get that action. Which one’s are you looking forward to?

The sheer number of car films coming out, let alone what’s in the future pike is overwhelming. And I’m lovin’ every second of it. So, here’s a few posters of some of them. Hit my Poster Alley on Facebook for a complete viewing, but here’s what’s coming so far. FASTER, FAST FIVE, GREEN HORNET, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 4, DRIVE ANGRY, PRIEST, TRON LEGACY, MACHETE, CAPTAIN AMERICA, HANGOVER 2, TRANSFORMERS 3, WRECKED and even the ALIEN PREQUEL that Ridley Scott is now prepping with Natalie Portman has an automotive element. And this list will be different tomorrow!

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