So, as of Tuesday, they’ve wrapped FAST FIVE. Crew party is in Atlanta. They built a lot of gags, rigs and cars stuff and I have some SPOILS. So, if you don’t want to know… don’t keep reading…

Chargers, Chargers and more Chargers… Vin and Mr. Walker are on the lamb for a crime they didn’t commit. And the Dwaynemeister is after them. He’s bald. And pissed.

So, there’s this dood in Rio who has turned drugs into a corporate activity. Like, we’ve never seen that before, but now there’s cool cars. Chargers. Did I mention Chargers? Anyway, Vin and Paul decide to steal this drug dood’s kitty. Well, he actually has a number of kitties (not the feline, duh, it’s a big ass vault), and they are chock fulla dough. So… they want it, and decide to use Chargers to get it. 2 of them, actually.

They build a rig on the two satin black Chargers, wrap chains and cables around it and yank it it out of his crib. I’m sure there’s cute girls in there somewhere, too. But, they tug that beastly vault right outta their mitts and yanks it through town, destroying everything (including a fake built bank)  in site.

The prop house built 11 vaults for all different kinds of sequences. Several were different sizes to fit the gag, but it was basically supposed to be the same vault. (You won’t notice the difference…) What do they do with the vault after they’ve dragged it through Rio and pretty much destroyed the city? Well, I know this, but there’s just so much I can reveal at this point. If I tell you everything, then what’s the point in seeing the movie?

Oh, and one other thing. How do they open the vault when they need Mr. Corporate Drug’s hand print for the hand print scanning doohicky? Well… they go to a club where they get this girl to walk up to the bad guy. What does she do? She gets her ass slapped… to which they then dust her ass for the hand print! CLASSIC!! That’s gotta be the best part of the whole movie!

There’s also an intense high-speed train sequence involving yanking cars off the train and onto a truck at 100mph. Hm, lotsa yankin’ goin’ on in this flick. Only thing it’s missing is a product placement deal with Chrysler.

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