One helluva day…

Yesterday was like… how many meetings can we cram into a day, day… So, that’s exactly what we did. Boom.

Started with a conversation with SPEED Channel about some shows, then on to Kabillion for a discussion on a new SHOW, then to a brunch meeting with City of Hope to discuss a new PROGRAM… with a new SHOW. Then, to the shop because the REDSTER’s back from Atlanta and getting prepped for SEMA… where we’ll filming for our SHOW. Then off to Glendale to meet with Uncle Joe and Dave Kunz to discuss… another SHOOOOOW.

Sheesh. With all this show talk, you’d think I’d have a show already…                         …wait a tick! I DO!

Anyway… while meeting with Uncle Joe and Mr. Kunz, we had a fight as to who could get into the Starbucks first. It only looks like I won. Uncle Joe actually pulled a Statue of Liberty, went through Dave’s legs and elbow clocked me in the funny bone. He’s just sneaky that way… Dang Radio DJ’s…, they always sidetrack you with their sultry voices.

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