Kontemplating the LA Auto Show Concept Contest…

…Or something like that. I forget what the official title for this contest is because I’m too busy wondering why these rides are not in my garage? Or at least, hanging on my wall in diecast? Leaving nothing to the fact that I now have to wash my shirt from the drool.

Ok, not all of them make me drool, but some are cool. Every year, the LAAS team puts together this contest that pits design studios against each other to see who has the neato concept. Sometimes it’s schools like Art Center against CCS in Detroit. Then, they put up these big banners in the hall and we sit in front of them… drooling.

Who did what? Which team designed which vehicle? Too much information. Just observe. Observe form, shape, convexity, concavity, conbutificationalcomplexity. … What? That’s not a word? …Sure it is. Says so right here in Weebsters Dixionhairy…

Anywho… if you come to the LAAS, join me for some cool car convo.

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