BUG knows the weekend’s here…

For some reason, my dogs always know when it’s Friday and the weekend is upon us. They jump for joy, literally. (This is BUG, and he likes to surf.)

And since I’m leaving for Vegas on Monday for SEMA, I have decided that this weekend will be low and slow…. Tomorrow? Shopping for food for Kathie since I’ll be gone for a week. Buy some shoes. Then… squat. Sunday? Bringin’ my Dad to the Malibu Farmer’s Market. They have awesome crepes that I smack fulla Nutella and Bananas. Only one thing I love more than cooking is eating. Check out some of my grub here, but Farmer’s Market is cool.

Yea, …that’s a happy dog. For those of you I’ll see at SEMA, remember… It’s Vegas, Baby!!!

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