Fireball Tim’s Day 1 at SEMA Las Vegas

Waaaayyyy outta control. SEMA 2010 has hit the starting gate with a BANG!! It’s been quite some time since I’ve seen SEMA energy this high. The crowd was out in full force on Tuesday, hitting the show 80,000 strong in the morning like WalMart shoppers to a 75% off sale.

The cars this year are super strong, and the girls… everywhere. I roamed the show, my necking whapping from side to side at all the eye candy. The morning was spent in meeting after meeting at booths with some of the best cars I’ve seen in some time. Did a signing at the LIFETIME OIL FILTER booth for a couple hours (You remember them? The Oil Filter you never have to change!) …and then off to AutoTrader Classics, Ford, Mazda and filming for several upcoming “World of Cars” episodes.

Huge amount of cars and cool products coming to the blog for tomorrow.

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