Mondays ROCK!

If you hate Mondays, then you need to re-think things a bit.


“I hate Mondays because they mean I have to start something I don’t like. Don’t want to do. Don’t enjoy. Don’t, don’t, don’t…”


You’re now 94 and you didn’t. Bummer…

So, how do you fix our age old issue? Get clear. Get clear on what you DO want. I want to enjoy life… so I do. Easy to say when you have stuff, right? No… not right. There’s a lot of people out there who have tons of money and are SICK, UNHAPPY and HATE Mondays.They are unbalanced. If you want to be whole and complete, you have to raise everything at once.

Life is supposed t be enjoyed. THAT is why we are here. To express life. And give that energy to others. A healthy life that doesn’t involve being selfish.. Oh, it;’s okay to pamper yourself… but not at the expense of others.

So, THINK about that for today. What would make you happy and then USE YOUR WILL to make it your life. NOW. Not Tuesday… but now. And NOW, I’m gonna go have another cup of coffee. Because, I LIKE COFFEE. Mondays are the start of something great. And I have no idea what that’ll be. So there…

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