Headin’ to the WB…

Great day today. Heading to Warner Bros to deliver Ellen DeGeneres’ new “12 Days of Christmas” Costume from our KCL Productions Division. Lots of anticipation on this one since Ellen’s audience is so big. Last year we did “Big Booty,” and Ellen on the cover of “O” Magazine, the year before was the “Cocoa Mug.” Now, although there are no wheels on these costumes, it’s fun to design them. But my wife Kathie is the real expert. She builds them and does an awesome job… We’re also doing the Chelsea Lately Show where you’ll actually see us do something cool right there on the show. And it’s messy… That comes up later this month.

What is the new Ellen costume? You’ll have to watch her Show or at least head to her site for the reveal. But it’s gonna be swingin.’

Here’s BIG BOOTY last year… SMACK!

And as far as cars? Messin’ with a Tahoe. It’s a BEAST. And the Johnny Lightning BAD MOOD 2 is now complete… That comes out in February. Stay tunered on updates to what it is. BIG secret.

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