Lame-o-ness at an O’Reillys…

Happy Holidays.

I was out tooling around the other day and ended up at an O’Reilly’s. (It’s an Auto Parts Joint). Who’d a thunk…

Went in to get an Under Hood Bulb for my Tahoe. Little thing. Next to a nut, it’s the smallest thing on the truck. So, I ask the guy if you can find the part number and point me in the right direction. Simple.

For the next 15 minutes, he pulls out the world’s largest catalog, gets on the phone with another customer, looks dumbfounded at his computer, gets back on the catalog and flips through it like he had no idea what he was looking for, then gets back on the phone, then says… “There’s no part for that, sorry.”

I say, “there’s no part for the Part that’s an official GM PART for this car?” (Insert slightly modified PO’d tone here) He says, “No.” I say, “Is there someone else who actually knows about cars that can find the PART that you so easily have given up on?” (Insert sarcastic tone here) He says… “Go ahead.” Then, he goes and helps another customer, all the while with an extreme sense of ask me if I care.

I… ask for the manager…

He comes out and I ask him about the PART that JoeCarMan couldn’t find. In 12 seconds flat, he has the number and I have the part in my hand.

Why do people not get what they want out of life? They give up way too easily. They don’t want it bad enough. Bad enough to keep steady until the PART is in their hand. And there’s a lot of unhappy people out there blaming others for why their life isn’t working.

Here’s the BIG NEWS. Here’s the clincher, so listen up. STOP GIVING UP…and get what you want. Get out there today and get your PART. You can have whatever you want, but you have to REALLY want it. Cool car analogy, huh…? Like you expected something different?

And today? My Hood Light beams like an icon to the automotive promised land. (Insert extreme and silly eyebrow lift here.)

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