Chicago… Day 2

So much to see and do in this city, but just not enough time. Although I can’t show shots right now of the Nintendo Set due to security, I’ll have some Monday. But Chicago’s skyline and chilly weather is impressive. Kathie and I, for the few hours we were’nt on set prepping and wearing funny clothes, headed again to the WaterTower for a bite at FoodLife’s Stir Fry and then to famous Giordanos Italian for a Deep Dish Chicago Pie. And now… I’m stuffed.

Christmastime in this town is awesome, although the people are out in full force and serious crowds everywhere. The bitter cold doesn’t stop them from spendin’ their dough. And gettin’ around is totally easy with a cool bus system. Bus:$2.25, Taxi:$10 bucks.  So, why not take the bus and have an extra Root Beer at dinner?

Snow Storm’s a comin…’

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