Christmas shopping in Santa Monica…

You have to be strategic about Holiday shopping, right? And what the heck does THAT mean?

When I go shopping for the holidays, I have to get certain things outta the way. So I can think clearly. Like,… don’t go shopping on an empty stomach. Go full, so you aren’t thinking… “I’m hungry” when you should be thinking about lil’ Joey or Sally. (Do people still name their kids Sally?)

Also, if you see something you like for yourself, buy it. GIVING is giving. Even to yourself. So, do it. Now, that doesn’t mean go buy yourself a car, duh. Don’t get all lame on me. But if you see something cool, pick it up, then move on and get the BOX for others.

So, Kathie and I met up for lunch at a new Japanese place in Santa Monica. (Insert: Why is it that Sushi prices escalate and the sushi itself shrinks? Ponder that Kemosabe…) We ate Christmas Cheer, then split up and I went to the Promenade and she hit the Louis Vitton Store. Hm,…. there’s nothing for me at Louis Vitton! Why did she go there? I mean, I don’t need a Prada Bag… Or a lame-o scarf for $3K. Why did she go there? HEY!!!!! RATS!

Fine. I went to Puzzle Zoo and bought me a couple a diecast cars. Green Hornet and Tron. THEN, I went shopping. Express, Anthropologie, Tiffany. …ok, I didn’t really go to Tiffany, but I want to be a Big Baller, so I just threw that in there. Ignore it.

But we had fun. Then, we came home and had a Rapping Session. Wait…. I mean a Wrapping Session. You DON’T want to hear me Rap.

Now, it’s Christmas Eve …and today we’re actually puttin’ up the tree and decorating. A little late, but I’m on it.

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