Christmas Family Shenanigans…

Yea, who doesn’t have a nut in their family? The crazy aunt? The weird Grandpa? The funky Uncle?

Well, in my family, they seemed to have deemed me that person. There’s no way in getting around it. Why? I simply don’t know. And since everything I do is totally normal, they have no right! I mean, it’s not like I wear funny clothes or… ok, wait. What I meant to say was that it’s not like I say strange things… uh… ok, what I really meant to so say was… ok,

…what was I saying…?

Whatever…, here’s some pics of Holiday Cheer. (Lesson 1 in being strange is to divert your attention to something else. Just trying to be a little helpful here) WAIT!! WHAT’S THAT IN THE CORNER?? LOOK!! IT’S HUGE!!

Ok, fine. I accept who I am. And this is what I got for Christmas. How about you?

1. Cardigan Sweater t make me more normal. (Not working yet)

2. Normal clothes to wear around the house. (Would’nt be caught dead wearing these things in public)

3. Totally Cool Clothes that are rockin’ the state to it’s knees. Maybe even the country!

4. Candy. Lots and lottsa candy. Mostly chocolate, but an Abba Zabba, too.

5. Awesome book of New Yorker Cartoons from my pimpin’ friend, Yvonne. She’s insane, like me.

6. Jolt Cola Gum. My favorite. 2 pieces is one cup of coffee. 4 Pieces is a Starbucks double shot.

Right on…

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