The Fireball SHORT LIST…

Ah, design for 2011. What’s the best?

For me, I like a lot of things. But I’m not gonna get all stuffy with it and explain why bisecting lines and convex curves make for good design. It’s all about the mood, man. The emotion. It’s what makes you “feel good.” That’s it…

You can read mags all day long from “experts” who will explain that the company is doing well, so the designs are good. Or “They have a handle on what the public wants.” Bolonie. Bolony? Bologna? (Geez, how do you spell that?) Ok, Hogwash! (…That’s better.)

Here’s the trick for design. And it’s totally complex, so listen up. Ready?

1. Look at it.

2. How do you feel?

3. Result is you like or you DON’T. Boom. Done. Go get coffee. (That last tip is a personal thing and you can modify it as you will.) And if someone asks, “Well gee, WHY do you like it?” Then say, “Cause it makes me feel bitchin.” Or,… It makes me want to tear off all my clothes and run through Times Square! … In the Summer, of course. Too cold now. Just sayin.’

So? What’s on The FIreball Short List? Feast for 2011… Which one do you want? And can you name them? And what’s yer address, ’cause I’m dolin’ ’em out for Xmas next year, so you better be good.

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