Ladies and Gentlemen… START YOUR ENGINES!

Ok, declaration time… I said it earlier and I’m saying it again. 2011 is the “Official Year of Prosperity.”

And if you follow me on the web, you’ll know that what I’m saying is true. And that is simply this… If you feel successful, you BRING success to you. This is NOT a resolution because resolutions are lame and they don’t work. So, OFF THE RESOLUTION TRAIN. You need something that sticks and lasts for the rest of you life, right. Not yearly, duh. Ok, here we go…

Slam that puppy into first and get ready to drop the clutch on the most powerful, liquid fast, hyper intercooled, aerodynamically superior machine you’ve ever driven. A machine that is so fast, it’ll clip the Kessel Run in 1 parsec flat. A machine that will bring that finish line so fast it’ll make you buddies head spin. A machine that is so superior in strength that you’ll be Gone in 20 Seconds.

And what is it? What’s gonna bullitt you to prosperity? What’s your biofuel?

Your fuel… is what you think it is. Actually, …it is WHAT YOU THINK. Think a positive thought, get back 10 positive situations.Cause and Effect is in this world whether you believe it or now. You have nothing to lose but LACK. And LACK is worth losing.

Study hard, drive smart, LIVE in 2011 like you’ve never lived before. RIGHT NOW. The light tree is dropping to green TODAY… so get ready.

Ladies and Gentlemen. Join me and Start your Engines…

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