Fireball’s Best EXOTICS of 2011… so far.

Just what is an Exotic Car, anyway? Basically… cars no one thinks they can afford. BUT THEY’RE WRONG! HaHAAAA!!

Anyone can afford an exotic. Now, if you really think about this, you’ll come to the conclusion that there isn’t anything out there that can’t be bought. I mean, do you really want an exotic car? Or, just to DRIVE one?

I mean, imagine the insurance. BING! The fear of someone keying the car. BOING! The tiny dent that ruins the whole exotic car motif. SPLAT! BUT, there are plus,’ too.

The little beanie you get to wear when it’s cold. WOOSH! The front valet parking space at McDonald’s. ZOOM! The fact that some else has to go get the groceries because you spent all your money on the car. Logical… and tasty.

So, …I say go for the beanie. Why not. It’s only money and if you don’t do it, then you’ll be stuck with that BMW or Mercedes that you just bought. All that leather and hi-tech electronics is enough to make one queasy.And, you have to haul all those Senior VPs around, too. And they whine.

WAIT! Here’s another idea. Exotics come in 1/18 scale, too!! You may not be able to drive them, but just about ALL of them will fit in the garage and most people won’t notice. See, I’m lookin’ out for ya. And my ideas are ALWAYS right on target, right?

Feast of the BEST of 2011 …so far. Cha.

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