COOL CAR Thursday… 2011 Best of Addition McLaren MP4-12

So, as I went through the best of the BEST EXOTICS OF 2011, I, in my own unigue and dumbass way, overlooked a car that should have been front and center. My buddy and hot designer, Frank Stephenson brought my attention to his beastly McLaren MP4-12. Now, I showed you this car back when Art Center did their shindig, and it was cool. Although silver and in a tight space, I couldn’t appreciate it’s grace. Ok, I’m going to learn from my mistake and bring on the goods…

Here in it’s yellow bronze glory stands an addition to the BEST OF 2011 for DESIGN… so far. (Frank has promised to give me one of these the next time I’m in London… And THAT…       ….was a joke, Sir Frank. But, a diecast would be cool. I’ll swap you on of my Johnny Lightning Bad Moods? Deal?)

Anywho, enjoy as your eyes peel over this soon to be top dog exotic, if it isn’t already, right Mr.S?

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