Jalapeno Poppers from HELL…

When my son Sean said he wanted to make some Jalapeno Poppers for us, I said… “Do it.” But what I didn’t realize was that since he use to work for Tender Greens here in LA, he developed a way to Fireball them.

So, as the evening progressed, I watch he and Kathie destroy the kitchen and create what I came to know as J-Bombs. As I prepared my Mom’s 60 year old recipe for Biscuits, I naively watched in utter curiosity as the poppers came out one by one, …Soldiers of Destruction.

And my Dad was in on it, the Old Coot…

What I didn’t realize was that Sean installed a timing device in each Popper. Grrr… Sure, they were hotter than Hell on a 5th Tuesday of the Month, but the time delay was a sheer JUGGERNAUT.


The next morning. Pretty sure I busted down every house within a square block. No life left anywhere. Oops.

THEN, Sean had the nerve to ask me if I wanted him to make more!! THIS… is WAR.

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