This week’s cool product… THE QUIK LATCH

I get approached by tons of companies about new products to try. Some really good, some not so good. But, if you’re into cars, especially MUSCLE, then this is for you…

Feast your eyes on the QUIK-LATCH. A cerifiably cool way to replace those clunky hood pins on your sweet ride. The other day, super car guy Joel Tyslver from Quik Latch came to the shop to show me how it works. It’s a simple push button release that is not only clean, but seriously cool.

Comes polished, black, and in a variety of designs. Or custom to any color! But there’s something else which was even better… The Quik-Latch Mini. A tiny version that can be used for a bunch of different things, limited only to your creativity.

I really like this doodad because it takes what we all know and love and makes it even better. A company that has created something to make your ride that much more cool. Big thumbs up, Joel!

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