What’s goin’ on this weekend… SHWING!

Lottsa stuff. Big weekend, but then again, it’s always a big weekend when you have fun, right?

There’s a lot of things that I like to do, so I just get out there and do ’em. Why wait for an opportunity and twiddle yer thumbs in the mean time? So… this weekend I’m heading to Orange for a cool car show where my bud Uncle Joe Benson is MC. The Grand Opening of the PepBoys Speed Shop. Gonna take a cool Ferrari to that one, thanks to buddy Sal. (If I drive… uh oh.)

Then, it’s off to the Apple Store to get a gift for my son. It’s his B-Day today and he’s 25. Needs an iPod (I hope he doesn’t read this this morning!) Then, tomorrow it’s off to Santa Barbara with Kathie in KING TAHOE for a day with my sister to peruse cool cars and get some good SB grub. I’ll post it on Yelp if it turns out good.

And Monday? BAD MOOD 2 Prototypes are showing up. SHWING! Tuesday is Designer’s Night The Petersen Museum where I’ll see my buds Frank Stephenson of McLaren and Troy Sumitomo of FiveAxis. Then Thursday it’s an interview with AutoLine Detroit to talk about… what else? CARS!! WOOSH…….

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