White Gold MERCEDES… duh.

This just in from my buddy, Dave Grant…

You may have seen this floating around, but this baby officially isn’t chrome, aluminum or stainless steel. It’s White Gold. And it’s a good example of Billionaires… um, Trillionaires wasting money on dumb things. So… here we go.

1. Official Dumb One. You’re driving a mirror that will reflect every other billionaire, thus they’ll be combing their hair while driving, squinting and yelling things you can’t understand. CRASH!

2. Official Dumb Two. It’s a Mercedes. If they really wanted to make a statement, then they’d white gold a Prius. Green and Gold. Doesn’t that just sound better? Sheesh! I mean, really. C’mon, Sheik Dudes… GET WITH THE PROGRAM!

3. Official Dumb Three. There is no dumb three, but I had some extra space here and have to keep writing until my coffee warms up in the nuker. BING! Done. …slurp.

Ok. Peace out…

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