Thoughts for JAPAN…

I wanted to think about this a bit before I posted…

Everyone’s posting photos around the world of the tremendous tragedy in Japan. Images that are hard to believe. Impossible to believe. Things you could never understand unless you have actually been through it. And although we aren’t there, we can help. We can help by not letting those images fill our minds with horror and fear, …but with peace. Grateful to what we have. Grateful that we are alive.

We are one people, living on a small globe in the middle of nowhere. Yet, some of us insist on fighting and causing grief for the rest. A selfish and destructive point of view. We think that because we have a different language, skin color or shiny new shoes that we are somehow better. We aren’t.

The people of Japan are our brothers and sisters. People just like us. They have families, lives, cars, …dreams. And although we may not be able to reach them, our hearts and minds must.

Go to your churches, synagogues, parks, living rooms and sit. Pray for those that are hurting. Those who’s lives may be ending soon. Be there for them as they would for you. We have all had tragedies and lost loved ones. But it’s not the tragedy that makes us strong… it’s the will to live and how we use our strength to get back to what we have and grow as a race. Stop fighting.

I’m not going to jump in and post photos you’ve already seen. They are everywhere. All over our small world. Making people afraid to leave their homes should something like that happen to them. I got 10 calls yesterday asking me if I thought that a tidal wave was coming and should they go somewhere safer.

It’s sad that we have Thanksgiving only once a year as well as Christmas. Every day should be a day of giving. So, take time today… and every day, to pray for REAL peace among all of us. Peace in our hearts. Peace in our Minds. Peace in our Souls.

No religion, color, shoe or car you have is better than anyone else’s. We are different, yet we are all ONE. And the only moment that exists is NOW. Give love and love comes back.

…That is the ONLY road to peace. Get on it…

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