Gettin’ the DEAL on… a must READ.

Ok, this is hysterical… so you gotta read it, peeps.

So… Kathie got me up at 4:30 this morning because VONS was having a super deal. I’m like… c’mon. What kind of deal is worth getting to Vons by 6am? “Are you outta your mind?”


We’re at Vons… in line outside. Two Carts. Can you picture this? It’s dark, coffee in hand and we’re waiting for the doors to open at 7. Oh man… what have I got myself into?

7am… The doors open to reveal that the store is closing and getting a refurb. And EVERYTHING is 50% off! We’re like… WOO HOO! OUTTA MY WAY!!!! The store was a mess, the line went on for almost 50 yards and we were the 3rd in line! We began to carve the crap outta that place with two carts. Aisle after aisle, my hands were moving at lightning speed. CHOCOLATE, CHOCOLATE, CHOCOLATE!!!! MY LIFE IS A BLISS NIGHTMARE!!!

But what was the result? Somebody calculated wrong… Uh, oh…

My cart added up to $280.00. Kathie’s cart added up to $290.00. That’s just under $600 bucks worth of Veggie Burgs, Chips, Chocolate and Wine! (We got a couple other things too, so don’t freak.) But once they took off the discount of the 20 full bags of groceries… the grand total was…




We were like… “What the heck?” Even the checker was like “What the heck?” Then, the bag boy looked at it and said, “What the heck?” Then the ENTIRE STORE looked over and all said in perfect unison… “WHAT THE HECK!!???” (Ok… slight exag, but it was way outta control.)

All I know is… it paid to get my butt outta bed early…

Then… we had to carry all the bags up several flights. And that sucked.

Then… someone hit a fire hydrant out in front of our house and the highway is now fully 100% shut down. THEN… Kathie cut her finger with a knife while trying to open a plastic thingy. THEN… She went back to bed. Boom. Bam. Thank you Ma’am.

I’m exhausted …and it’s only 8:30.

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