LIMITLESS… Review’d…

EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE… except a good script.

Took Fireball Pop and my squeeze to see Bradley Cooper’s brain expand into smartness this afternoon. And after taking a pill that looked like one of those thingies you stick to the bottom of your computer to slide it across your desk… he got smarter. Only… all he did with all that smartness was head for the stock market and rack up dough… then on to being the Prez. Duh.

I mean, maybe he coulda had a little bit more of a plan after that? Like fill all the drinking fountains with YooHoo. Just sayin.’ C’mon, you take a pill… you get smart… and you make money. That’s it? Ok, fine. Everyone wants that. But I want more…


Wannabe Writer walks into an cold steel elevator. Practically trips as he comes side by side with a hot Hollywood Producer. SHE ignores him.

Lump in his throat, knees rattling, eyes twitching, …the writer bites the bullet.

WRITER: Hey, good morning. Nice dress. Got an idea for a new movie called LIMITLESS.

The Producer ignores him as he glances to the lights overhead. …2 floors to go.

WRITER: A down and out writer guy takes a pill given to him by a drug dealer dood which allows him to use ALL OF HIS BRAIN and uses that to change the world for mankind and make our planet a better place for all! Just think of it. If I had an agent, he’d tell you it’s a shoe in!


The door opens and the Producer glides out. THEN… Stops. …A BEAT… She suddenly turns as the doors begin to close.

PRODUCER: Like it. I’ll make a fortune. Call my office. 310 458 24…

The doors close and the writer launches for the seal.


But it’s too late.


He shoulda taken one of the pills…

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