KING TAHOE gets plugged with PULSTAR…

KING TAHOE sponsor Pulstar sent 8 of the most powerful Spark Plugs on the planet last week to be installed. And all I have to say is on Master Mechanic Mancuso’s face above. Wow! Guess I better start calling him 3M….

After rockin’ the shop, KING TAHOE drove up the side of the building, jumped the Golden Gate Bridge (Yes, in San Francisco) and went from zero to sixty in .0925788 seconds. Oh, that’s funny… you think I’m joking.

…Well, actually I may have exaggerated just a bit… but the reality is this…

I’m getting MORE Horsepower, (About 9hp) BETTER combustion and Throttle Response and QUICKER ignition. And that, my friends… is a good thing.

Check out PULSTAR for yourself and listen to EPISODE 8 of Podcast

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