SANTAS VILLAGE is a Hot Rod Relic…

When I was a kid in here in SoCal, my folks took our family of 7 up to Lake Arrowhead every winter. And while we were there, we hit Santa’s Village. It originally opened the same year that Disneyland did in 1955. This photo was taken in 1968.

Kathie and I went up to Big Bear this weekend to poke around in the beauty and we were forced to go up a different route due to road closers. Thus, we past right by Santa’s Village….

Only… Santa’s doors were closed. Actually, they were missing altogether. Why? Because Santa’s Village… is now a ghost town.

The one thing that made SV a cool place was that Santa dug cars. And there were a lot of them there. Mostly classics, but some really cool stuff. And a lot of that is still there. A new dood bought the land and planned on re-building, but then he kicked the bucket and SV is now dismantled. So sad.

There were no fences, so Kathie and I just walked through only to find out after that there was a huge scary dog patrolling. Whew…

Inside, we found Santa’s relic Hot Rod shop, abandoned Christmas tree with presents and a BumbleBee Tram.

Anyway, some parting shots of SV. If you lived in SoCal at any time, you probably have some great memories. And if you know anyone who’s got 5.6 million to drop into Santa’s pocket, the land can be theirs.

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