Fireball Tim’s HOLLYWOOD GARAGE officially kicks off!


Wow, been a long time coming for this one, but the all new HOLLYWOOD GARAGE has finally launched! Yes, IT’S ALIVE!! And it’s why we haven’t had a Podcast for the last couple weeks, silly. The new site is in beta all this week, but you can go there to get an idea of what it’s all about. What you’ll see is 1/10th of 1% of what’s coming. And man, …am I excited!

It’s filled with COOL MOVIE CARS, CELEBS, TOYS, SHOWS and more! And insane new stuff will be coming all the time, including Weekly CONTESTS from the Podcast!

If you see anything weird, (other than me), then let us know through the contact form there. But check out the site and get used to it. As I say in the INTRO EPISODE… “We’re here to stay and we’re building a BIG Playground!”

And thanks to all those that put so much effort into making the launch a success. Now comes the cool stuff…

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