Fireball’s HOT DESIGNS of the WEEK…

I love cars. We know that. So… because I dig ’em, I like to share the best designs each week that inspire… creative heat. Like this Ferrari for example. It’s flamin’ hot, spicy and completely ON FIRE! Wow, and that makes for a serious design analysis.

When designs are so hot, they show up in Malibu in force because PCH is a playground for cool cars. And if I were to come to Cali for vacation, I’d hit Universal Studios, Disneyland and PCH. Boom.

But design isn’t limited to cars. It’s what we do as humans. We design everything. From cups to programs to school food menus to gumballs. All ideas come from mind and boink! There they are right in front of our eyes.

Everything has to be brought into being by creative energy. So, get out there today and make it happen. And feast your eyes on what may be the next C7 Corvette. Dubbed… “The Ferrari Killer.” (Maybe that’s what just past by this firery photo, eh?)

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