PRIEST opens today with Cycle Vampires…

So, here they come. Like a dark shadow in the night. Scawee blood thirsty creepy crawlies that feast on human… …wait. What the heck!? That was my dream last night! I’m supposed to be talking about SUPER COOL MOTORCYCLES, …duh!

Ok, let’s start that again. The movie ?PRIEST? opens today with some seriously hot bikes ridden by superhero Paul Bettany. And he… is like… gonna lay the smackdown on (fill in this part with what I wrote above so I don’t have to write it again stuff).

Oh, and check out this awesome article about our bikes on ?Wired Magazine’s Blog.?

So, go see it. Like, what else is there to do tonight? And bring someone who hates vampires, too. It makes for good yellin.’

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