All I wanted was COFFEE…

So, a couple month ago, the Vons on PCH closed it’s doors for remodeling. But the day before, they had a 50% off sale, so…. Kathie and hoofed it and snagged 28 bags of groceries for next to nothing. And had a blast doing it, of course. (Check out my earlier post.)


Today... we were driving home, minding our own business when Kathie said, “Hey, let’s get some Joe! Do you think the new Vons is open now?” I’m like… “Let’s go, doodette! I got a hankerin’ for a Java Jolt!”


We arrived at the “new” Vons… literally as they started the ribbon cutting ceremony! And I’m like, “Holy Crap! It’s the ribbon cutting ceremony!” Then, Kathie exclaimed… “Hey! They’re cutting the ribbon right now!” Then… everyone in the whole crowd turned to us said, “HEY! We’re cutting the ribbon for the ribbon ceremony, RIGHT NOW!!” Can you believe THAT??!! …Wow, it was cool…


I instantly took pix for the blog here, then B-lined like a squirrel on steroids for the new “Starbucks with a view.” And inside… we met super cool car dood, Richard. (Took a pic of him, too.) Then,… we took a pic of the Starbucks Singers! And I’m like, “Holy Crap! There’s Starbucks Singers!!” Then, Richard turned to us and said, “Hey Fireball! Check out the Starbucks Singers! Wow!” Then, the entire store turned to us, all at the same time and in perfect harmonic unison and said “AAHHHHHH…….WE HAVE STARBUCKS SINGERS!!!!” ……..Wow… it was so cool.


This store was outta control! I mean, it was jammed… (except for the vegetarian isle.) Which, of course is exactly what we wanted.

I said… “Holy Crap, there’s no one here!” Then Kathie said, “Holy Veggie Cow, you’re right!” Then…

Well, …there wasn’t anyone in there, duh. What do you expect? I mean, c’mon.

Anywho. The City Councilman Bill Rosenthal showed up and cut the ribbon, then went inside for some free beef jerky. Vons X-ex showed up and made a presentation. And they went inside for some Ding Dongs. Kathie and I showed up… and we got free coffee.

Ah, life at the Bu…

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