Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for a cool mil…

A few weeks ago, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang appeared at the shop, ready to be auctioned and was shipped in from Europe. It was flawless. But to a big surprise, it didn’t sell. Maybe because it was selling for a cool million or two. Who knows. (Watch me while I just whip out a check, yo. Then b-line this puppy up PCH for a fish sandwich at Malibu Seafood.)

Not many people know that the story of Chitty was from an original book by James Bond author, Ian Fleming. What was it about Fleming that he liked cars so much? Bond’s movies are full of them. Especially a flying, sea-going, cool boat tailed wonder like Chitty. And half the Aston’s in Malibu have the passenger seat launch capability.

If you haven’t seen the movie, Netflix it. Worth it for the car, and for Malibu buddy Dick Van Dyke. He’s pretty cool, too. (Dick, if you read this, I’m gonna need you to sign the dashboard…)

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