Fireball’s BEST DESIGNS of the WEEK…

BOOM. The week’s up and the “BEST of the BEST” has appeared thanks to great sites like Autoholics, Automotive Addicts, CarScoop and many others. Check ’em out. But since I get to pick the best and coolest designs around, then WHAM… it’s pimpin’ time. And who’s this week’s WINNER? Above, the Saab Nepresso Concept.

BOING… Infiniti Essence Concept.

THWACK… Jag E-Type Lightweight.

WOOSH…The Aston Lagonda Concept.

BUUSH… The Lancia Stratos HF Zero.

THUD… The new Mercedes SLC.

SMACK… The Pininfarina Coupe Concept.

OOF… The Protoscar Lampo.


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