Cool Cars Inspire SoCal…

My neck is in pain every Friday from all the cool cars in this town. Everywhere you turn, beasts of all sizes weave in and out of LA Traffic, PCH and the snaking canyons. If you have a car in your garage and it doesn’t get out, then it’s about time you took a serious look at what you’re missing.

What’s it take to get a cool car on the road? One thing and one thing only. No, it’s not money. No, it’s not time…

It’s Perseverence.  You want to finish that cool car? Then get off your butt and do something about it. Doesn’t matter how small a thing it is, because the “act” of doing it will create momentum like a snowball downhill. Wash it, fill up the tires, put on 1 bolt, polish a bumper. There are countless things you can do to make a difference.

‘Course, you could leave a negative post here and tell me I’m full of it or that you need money or whatever. But that won’t change the fact that your car ain’t movin.’

Join the CARFORCE. Be one with COOLNESS. LIVE FREE and DRIVE HARD. Stop reading… and START DOING.

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